An Updated Overview On Fundamental Elements For Humidifiers


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They feed on the skin cells we shed. Dust mites are not as prevalent in dry climates, but the use of humidifiers in the home may allow dust mites to flourish. -- Every week, wash your child's bedding in hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit or greater), vacuum carpets and rugs, and damp mop hardwood floors. -- Keep the humidity in your home to less than 50 percent, and avoid humidifiers. -- Encase your child's box spring, mattress and pillows in dust-proof covers. [See: 7 Lifestyle Tips to Manage Your Asthma .] A large part of dealing with allergies is being proactive to treat your symptoms before they even begin. When combined with these proper precautions, allergy symptoms can often be kept in check. Carah Santos, MD is a pediatric allergist with National Jewish Health for Kids who treats children with all allergic conditions. Dr. Santos has a particular interest in food allergy and asthma. Dr.

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